About me

I’m a Danish film-maker with a french name, married to a middle easterner, living and working in the United Kingdom.

My background is as Film and Television Production Technician, having studied and worked for the past 10 years in the fields of: cinematography, editing, sound engineering and lighting.

I’ve been part of various multicam- and broadcast productions, filming and vision mixing concerts, tv-shows and live productions. ENG-style documentary and event promos have been my main thing in the latest years.

Going from broadcast ENG filming I’ve fallen for large sensor cameras and have since loved this format and worked with this for the last 4 years.

I love to play between the worlds of docu and narrative, where story and real life meet.

While taking productions from A to Z  (From pre-production to final output) I quickly found the need for added value with motion graphics. I can take your project from idea to finish product, that’s it really.

Visual storytelling is what I call it – I am passionate about bringing beautiful imagery together with particular editing with strong craftsmanship to convey the message you’d like to experience and share.

My work has been exhibited in Leeds First Direct Arena, TV3(Danish national TV), Christian Chanels TBN & UCB, USA Nationwide one day cinema showing of the Documentary “Dare to Be”, release of live music video production for LIFE Worship UK and more.


Current working with: 

After Effects and Premiere Pro
Sony FS7
Canon Cinema Cameras


I have a beautiful wife, 3 strong boys and a passion for: American football, Travel, Scandinavian Design and hustle!


For further information please contact me on:



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